Welcome to Changing Legacies, the First Light Learning Journey for Board Members! We will be launching our first Changing Legacies cohort in November 2022. Please check this page for updated materials and resources around the course.


Highlights from the Training (…so far!)

Session 1: Setting Intention, Coming Together

Session 2: Healing Begins with Truth – Training from Wabanaki REACH

Here are some of the core questions that emerged in our discussion with REACH trainers, Heather Augustine and Barbara Kates.

Session 3: A New Lens on Conservation

Here are some of the video clips and animations from this week’s session…

land loss over time
Map of Indigenous land loss on turtle island from 1774-1930, made by Ranjani Chakraborty.
Map showing spread o trust lands in red over time
Map of conserved land gain over time from 1869-2020, made by Mapster.