Wabanaki cultural resurgence

This collection of short documentaries show how Wabanaki traditional art practices are being practiced today.

Making of Birch Bark Canoes, a conversation on Wabanaki Windows with James Francis and Butch Phillips that addresses the questions: How important were Birch Bark Canoes? What were the various materials used?What was the process?

My Father’s Tools, a short video made by Heather Condo. From felling to twining, Condo documents the work of her husband, the Mi’gmaq craftsman Stephen Jerome, who learned the technique of black-ash rib-basket-weaving from his father. Jerome’s basket, created from a single tree, is an object imbued with deep personal significance and longstanding communal knowledge.

Non-Wabanaki indigenous cultural resurgence

Now is the time, a beautiful short film made by the New York Times about the return of the totem pole at Haida Gwaii in BC.

In northern Ontario, a new space to build birch bark canoes has created opportunities for cultural preservation and cross generational learning.