Read our program below to understand how we’re asking organizations to work together towards Wabanaki solidarity.

Learning Together

Several First Light organizations have already articulated their commitments to working together towards Wabanaki land relationship. They offer their letters and statements back to our community of non-native, land-holding organizations. The documents below, from Onion Foundation, Portland Trails, and The Nature Conservancy in Maine, represent just some of the many different pathways organizations can follow to make these commitments. While these examples vary to meet the needs and character of each organization, they share core qualities: self-reflection; continual learning; and an openness to adapt and change. May these documents serve as jumping off points and inspiration for every organization’s development of a statement of intention. They are shared here with deep gratitude. Does your organization have a similar statement of commitment to share? Please let us know by emailing ellie at firstlightmaine.org.

  • The Onion Foundation
  • Portland Trails
  • The Nature Conservancy in Maine Note that this document reflects TNC’s own commitment process, independent from the First Light Ambassador program. It is shared here to demonstrate the breadth of ways for organizations to embark on self-reflection and change to deepen solidarity with Wabanaki communities. TNC offers this from a place of ongoing learning, and encourages organizations interested in the language here to start by undertaking their own equity learning, as each process is unique. They welcome inquiries via naturemaine at tnc.org to offer support for that process.

Resources for Support

The intention of the First Light community is that every organization is able to move towards deepened solidarity to Wabanaki communities. As the community grows, there will be resources for every commitment, to help each organization. The resources below are a starting point. Suggestions on additional resources for the community are welcome!

  • Consider this spectrum of tools to support land access for Wabanaki communities.
  • Learn more about the Wabanaki Self-Determination Fund.
  • Check out the Learning Portal for access to self-guided curriculum and virtual seminar series.
  • If you haven’t yet, please email ellie at firstlightmaine.org to request to join the First Light Connections listserv and stay in the loop on our collective projects.