The Summit has wrapped! We’d like to share our warmest thanks to the First Light community on a energizing, galvanizing day together. In particular, thank you to….

Master of Ceremonies:   Lokotah Sanborn

Chef:  Joe Robbins


Chief Clarissa Sabattis

Marcus Briggs Cloud

John Banks

Lisa Sockabasin

Darren Ranco

Richard Silliboy

Gabe Paul

Tony Sutton

Noela Altvater

Peter Forbes

Roger Milliken

Ethan Miller

Jess Burton

Ciona Ulbrich


Kelly Demmons 

Bennett Konesni

John Gawler

Burnurwurbskek Drummers

At the Summit, Ethan Miller, Darren Ranco, and Jess Burton shared a community call to action around supporting the Wabanaki Self-Determination Fund. Here is the call they shared…