Express interest through this form by February 9th, 2022

As we look to expand the membership of the Conservation Community Delegation to bring on new voices and organizations, it is important that we do a good job of letting you know not only the transactional work that we are committed to, but also the inner cultural and relationship work of our Delegation community. Guiding our work is a value statement that we worked very hard to develop, as well as a set of Working Agreements that help us keep visible our ways of working in the world. Any new member of the Delegation will be held to these same standards and we look forward to deepening our understanding of what this work means and how much more we can do to expand access to land for our Wabanaki colleagues.

The new delegates will have the following characteristics:

  1. A member of the First Light non-native community from First Light Learning Journey Cohort 1 or 2.
  2. A representative from one of the following sectors. The Delegation has identified the need for greater representation in these specific areas of focus. 
    • Advocacy
    • Economic Development
    • Philanthropy
    • Agriculture
  3. The ability to make the following time commitment including but not limited to one 2-hour Delegation meeting each month, and up to 5-7 hours of additional work per month such as emailing, phone-calls, or subcommittee work.
  4. Access to additional organizational resources and commitment including but not limited to additional staff expertise, funding, land, relationships, and more. 
  5. Good communication skills.
  6. High comfort with evolving processes – we are ever learning, evaluating, and shifting based on new information or emergent needs.
  7. A high level of confidentiality.

If you are interested, please fill out this short expression of interest form. On the form you will be asked for your answers to certain questions, as well as if your application has been approved by your organization’s Executive Director or Board President. Each delegate is required to have the full endorsement to represent their organization in the form of a commitment letter from their respective organization (example here) – this letter will be requested after the potential new delegates have been chosen.

A note on funding: we believe that the organizations behind Delegation members should fund their participation as a show of commitment to our Wabanaki colleagues but we recognize this may not always be possible. If lack of financial support is a barrier to your participation in the Delegation, First Light can provide support by a.) offering a letter of support to your funders or b.) by offering funding itself. 

The deadline for submission is February 9th. Please reach Jess Burton at or any of the Delegation Members if you have questions or need more information on the position and the expectations. The decision will be made by early March with the hope and intention that the new delegates will be ready to join the Delegation meeting on 4/6.