Comemorative tee-shirt, handmade rattle, ceremonial shell and eagle feather and wooden box
Gifts shared in honor of the celebration.

One year ago, the island Kuwesuwi Monihq was returned to the Passamaquoddy people. This summer solstice, people gathered at Peter Dana Point, and on Kuwesuwi Monihq, for drumming and a pipe ceremony to celebrate the return of this place. First Light congratulates Chief Nicholas, Chief Maggie Dana, Donald Soctomah, Joe Sockabasin, Newell Lewey, Dwayne Tomah, Corey Hinton and all the Passamaquoddy people involved. More stories to come, but we wanted all to see this short video while the power of the day still reverberates in our hearts.

Passamaquoddy Nation Celebrates the Return of Kuwesuwi Monihq on the Summer Solstice