Tribal Co-management of the Bears Ears National Monument report by the Property and Environment Research Center

The Secret Lives of Parks Podcast: The Healing Ceremony. Explores the Tribal-led fight to protect Bears Ears National Monument and what the future of collaboration between Native nations and the U.S. government could mean for public lands.

Collaborative Management of Protected Areas, a report written by Dr. Barbara Dugelby from Round River Conservation Studies in January 2012. Round River Conservation Studies is an ecological research and education organization whose goal is the formulation and implementation of conservation strategies that conserve and restore wildness.

 Foundation Document for Grand Portage National Monument in Minnesota, which includes information about co-management of the monument by the National Park Service and the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (Ojibwe) Tribe. In Appendix A at the end of the document is enabling legislation for monument which includes certain provisions for the Grand Portage Band.

“The Source of All that Sustains Us” published in Saving Land magazine in the Fall of 2015 by Elisabeth Ptak. A collection of models of sharing land between natives and non-natives from across the country.