This is a collection of tools which are being used across the country to formalize Indigenous access to land for cultural uses, harvesting, and ceremony. For an overview of these and other tools, check out “Facilitating Wabanaki Access“, presented by First Light members at the 2022 Maine Land Trust Network Conference.

Maine’s Conservation Community Delegation has collected a set of tools to inspire projects to expand Wabanaki uses of land. This list contains examples from across the country. Please keep in mind that this document is in draft form and has not yet been reviewed or endorsed by our Wabanaki colleagues.

Invitation to the Passamaquoddy Nation to use and enjoy Dickinson’s Reach

Cultural Easements:
Cultural Easement Template from Cultural Conservancy
Cultural Easements by Nature by Ramona Peters
Cultural conservation easement between the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and the state of California for over 36 acres atop Mount Umunhum in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.

Cultural Respect and Use Agreements:
Cultural Respect Agreement video made by the Native Land Conservancy about the Mashpee Wampanoag’s cultural land use agreement
Native Land Conservancy/Cape Cod Cultural Respect Agreement
First Light is now working with Passamaquoddy attorney Corey Hinton to create a new cultural respect and use agreement for Maine that respects Indigenous perspectives. The template will be posted soon!

Harvesting Permits:
AMC Brown Ash Permit updated 9-1-2021.