Newsom, Bonnie D. and Bissonette-Lewey, Jamie “Wabanaki Resistance and Healing: An Exploration of the Contemporary Role of an Eighteenth Century Bounty Proclamation in an Indigenous Decolonization Process.” Landscapes of Violence: Vol. 2: No. 1, Article 2 (2012): 1-9.

Discussing Decolonization on Wabanaki Windows (WERU). Maulian Dana, Darren Ranco, Dr. Rebecca Sockbeson and Cinnamon Catlin-Leguto discuss different meanings of decolonization, the possibility of decolonizing our institutions in Maine, and how we can effect change. 

Middens: “Native American Secrets Lie Buried in Huge Shell Mounds,” New York Times 2017, and “We Depend on Each Other: Partnerships that Matter among Anthropologists, University of Maine Students, Environmental Stakeholders, and the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Maine”

Wabanaki place names of Western Maine

In this video, Penobscot scholars and historians work to regain access and caretaking to objects taken from them and put in museums: Awasəwehlαwə́lətinα wikəwαmok | They Returned Home