Newsom, Bonnie D. and Bissonette-Lewey, Jamie “Wabanaki Resistance and Healing: An Exploration of the Contemporary Role of an Eighteenth Century Bounty Proclamation in an Indigenous Decolonization Process.” Landscapes of Violence: Vol. 2: No. 1, Article 2 (2012): 1-9.

Discussing Decolonization on Wabanaki Windows (WERU). Maulian Dana, Darren Ranco, Dr. Rebecca Sockbeson and Cinnamon Catlin-Leguto discuss different meanings of decolonization, the possibility of decolonizing our institutions in Maine, and how we can effect change. 

Middens: “Native American Secrets Lie Buried in Huge Shell Mounds,” New York Times 2017, and “We Depend on Each Other: Partnerships that Matter among Anthropologists, University of Maine Students, Environmental Stakeholders, and the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Maine”

Wabanaki place names of Western Maine