We encourage all to check the Wabanaki Alliance website for ongoing bill-tracking, talking points, and ways to be involved in advocating for redress of the harms of the Land Claims Settlement.

Wabanaki Nations Statement Regarding LD 1626, a statement from tribal leaders on the ongoing process to support Wabanaki sovereignty in the Maine State Legislature

Economic and Social Impacts of Restrictions on the Applicability of Federal Indian Policies to the Wabanaki Nations in Maine – Harvard Kennedy Report on ongoing economic harm to Wabanaki and Maine communities resulting from a failure to recognize Wabanaki sovereignty

Earlier resources on the Settlement Act

NPR piece that covers the recommendations the Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Implementing Act Task Force made to the legislature in early 2020.

Restitution by Paul Brodeur

It’s time for Maine to build new relationship with tribes by Mark Dion

How relations between Maine and its Native American tribes have gotten so bad by Christopher Cousins