In this time by Natalie Lolar

In this time of posted land. 
Where do we go…
How do we live…
No food and medicine and gathered…
No game honorably killed and eaten…

In this time of posted land. 
Where can we go without being shot at..
Can we live sustainably…
How do we maintain our culture…
No sweetgrass picked.. 
No ash fallen.

In this time of posted land.
Where can we go, where is our place…
Can we live interconnected…
How do we maintain us as a people. 
No lands to move seasonally.
No way to maintain our ancestors way of life. 

In this time of posted land.
Where can we look for help.
Can we call upon our allies.
How do we know who to trust.
No continual ancestry land.
No way to move about. 

 In this time of posted land

Is there hope…..

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