Map of Traditional Wabanaki Territory by Bill Nelson, courtesy of the Abbe Museum

Map of Indian Tribal Lands in Maine in 2015, made by the Penobscot Nation.

Map of current Wabanaki lands in Maine (2021), made by Forest Society of Maine

Map of Penobscot Land Loss

Katahdin: The Historic Role and Cultural & Economic Importance of Maine’s Highest Peak. A NPR discussion between Barry Dana, former Penobscot chief, conservation leaders, and landscape artists about the significance of Katahdin and the history of the land becoming a state park. Famously, former Governor Percival Proctor Baxter referred to the land as “my park,” which prompted an interesting conversation between participants about who the land belongs to. At minute 51:55, Barry Dana makes some great comments about the need for co-ownership and co-management of Baxter State Park with conservation groups and Wabanaki tribes.

Wabanaki place names of Western Maine