Thank you for your interest in the First Light virtual training, Rethinking the Promise of Conservation. This is 5-part Youtube series, delivered by Peter Forbes, that walks through big questions in the work of conservation culture to understand its history and begin to shift towards working in solidarity with Wabanaki communities. To access the links to each session in the seminar, please register your organization here.

Here are the titles and runtimes for each part of the series, for your planning purposes:

Part 1 – Introduction [runtime: 43:13]
Part 2 – White Angels [runtime: 33:28]
Part 3 – Do You Know Your Ancestors? [runtime: 40:15]
Part 4 – Final Frontier of Colonization [runtime: 1:15:39]
Part 5 – Creating the Conditions for Allyship [runtime: 36:37]