Much of First Light leans on the contribution of time, energy, and expertise from Wabanaki and non-Wabanaki volunteers. We also rely on several staff and paid partner positions to ensure this work continues. The following people are compensated for their roles in expanding Wabanaki access to land:

Peter Forbes – Catalyst for First Light values, fundraising, and program evolution. Peter is accountable to Wabanaki people and institutions to ensure that First Light’s work centers Wabanaki voice and their direction.

Ellie Oldach – Program Manager. Ellie works to support the First Light program in all its facets. She maintains communications throughout the community, facilitates meetings, and works with Peter Forbes on grant-writing and fundraising to support First Light efforts.

Brett Ciccotelli – Tribal Land Recovery Manager. Brett supports the Wabanaki Commission on Land and Stewardship and First Light organizations in their shared goal of growing land ownership and access for Wabanaki Communities.

Lokotah Sanborn – Wabanaki Youth Leadership. Lokotah brings his experience as an organizer, artist, and Bomazeen Land Trust board member to First Light’s efforts to connect with the next generation of Wabanaki leaders. He is working to convene Wabanaki youth to collectively envision the future of Wabanaki land relationships.

Lauren Brady – Development Associate. Lauren works with New Learning Journey, the 501c3 that houses First Light, and works on fundraising, website development, and writing projects that help sustain and communicate First Light’s work.

Ethan Miller – Catalyst for the Land Relationship Fund. Ethan is focused on creating a voluntary pool of donated private money that would fund Wabanaki land stewardship. He facilitates a group that works with Wabanaki leaders to determine the best way to hold and distribute those funds, and with non-Wabanaki people to raise private funds inside and outside of Maine.

Kara Wooldrik – Catalyst for the First Light Community. Kara is helping support First Light organizations as they make internal transformations towards Wabanaki solidarity.

Ashley Bahlkow – Catalyst for Story. Ashley is bringing her expertise in story to help us communicate and stay in touch across the community of First Light organizations.

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