Please join us on Friday, June 2nd, 2023 at Camp Wavus in Jefferson, Maine, from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM, for a summit of all organizations considering how to deepen their solidarity with Wabanaki communities. Every organization has a place reshaping the legacy of conservation in our state. This will make all of us stronger, make Maine a better place to live, and help us live in a way that does not do harm. This event is a place to help our organizations grow together towards this goal. 

At this gathering, we’ll have the chance to hear from speakers, share ideas in small and large group discussions, and break bread together. The intended audience for this summit includes directors, board members, and staff who are core to carrying the First Light work in their organizations.


  • Who is this gathering for?
    • This event is for individuals from all non-native First Light organizations. If your organization has participated in a First Light training, you are welcome to reserve a ticket.
  • How many people from my organization can attend?
    • We hope to balance staff and board member participation from a wide swathe of First Light organizations. Due to venue capacity, that means about 2 or 3 individuals per organization. Consider which staff and board members are best-suited to attend and carry back learning to the rest of your organization.