Littleton:  On March 4, Chief Peter-Paul signed the closing papers to complete the purchase of 90-acre Sunrise Christmas Tree Farm in Littleton by the Aroostook Band of Micmacs.  “We are excited to pursue a green and carbon friendly economic venture, it fits well with the Tribes long term vision” notes Cara O’Donnell, Natural Resources Director for the Tribe. 

When the Tribe learned that this land was listed for sale, they reached out to First Light for input on potential avenues for making a project like this happen.  Peter Forbes and Ciona Ulbrich provided help with the earnest money for the purchase, and provided technical assistance to help navigate the purchase.  “First Light’s help right at the beginning was so important to make sure that we didn’t lose this opportunity” says O’Donnell. The Sunrise Christmas Tree Farm consists of about 90 acres of scenic hillside and forestland located directly across from the Micmac community centered on Medicine Wheel Rd.  As a previously family-owned operation, the Tree Farm has long employed a number of tribal members, and has contributed to the regional economy for decades.  “This purchase means that we can continue the work of planting, growing and selling Christmas trees on this land, and can take on the management of this beautiful farm” notes  O’Donnell.  “It also nearly doubles the acreage of our local community in Littleton and diversifies the products we will be able to offer at our Micmac Farms retail site in Caribou, extending our seasonal offerings.”

With a Little Help, the Aroostook Band of Micmacs Buy Sunrise Christmas Tree Farm and an Exciting Opportunity