First Light encourages the creation of self-organized regional or topic-specific working groups in service of Wabanaki priorities. These groups are extremely valuable for keeping up relationship building, collective learning, and action, and we will support their formation. Each working group is organized to meet a Wabanaki need.

Existing working groups include:

  • Food Sovereignty Working Group, facilitated by Sarah Alexander.
  • Wabanaki Self-Determination Fund Working Group, facilitated by Ethan Miller.
  • Island Access Working Group, facilitated by Doug Welch.

To support the creation of these working groups, First Light will offer $2,500 to each group for any costs associated with meeting, facilitating, consultation, or speakers. Please contact Peter to request to use your allotted funding.

Here is what we ask of working groups who use the name First Light:

  • Have a conversation with Peter before using the name First Light to understand our budget offerings and suggested parameters.
  • Before contacting Wabanaki people, we ask each working group to develop a statement of how they could be of benefit to Wabanaki people or priorities. This could include the skills, energy, and resources each participating organization can provide to working group projects and a statement of scope and intention. 
  • Gain written personal and organizational commitment from all members, in order to maintain a level of trustworthiness with Wabanaki partners.
  • When Wabanaki people are consulted or asked to participate, they are offered appropriate compensation (First Light can provide this).