In December, Corey Hinton told 105 participants in First Light Learning Journey that he would “love to see the legislative record for the 130th legislature be as full of support for Tribal positions as the 129th was” and that “we need everyone to show up again in support.”

In response to this request, policy leaders in the Learning Journey organized an optional event for members of the conservation community to learn how to support the Tribal Sovereignty Bill. The Learning Journey cohort of conservationists includes people in key districts across the state who could potentially make an impact by showing up in support of this legislation. They covered the basics of restrictions around advocacy and lobbying as an organization, and outlined actions you can take as an organization and an individual. The session helped mobilize our network to call their representatives or reach out to those they have close relationships with decision making power to get them on board for Tribal Sovereignty. As a cohort, we plan to circulate a sign on letter to First Light participants to submit as testimony in support of the Tribal Sovereignty Bill when it is heard by the legislature.

Here is the recording of the session.

Workshop on how Conservationists can support the Tribal Sovereignty Bill